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2354 AD
The lessons of the past have been quickly forgotten.

Ignoring the warning beacons, a migrant-scavenger fleet lands on an unmarked world in search of archeotech. A tomb is pried open for the data-vaults within. Something long-sealed for good reason has been disturbed.


Rampant is a 2D top-down action-adventure game created in two weeks for Godot Wild Jam #36 - Uncontrolled Growth.

You play as the wraith, an AI construct given physical form. Scavengers have disturbed the vaults you were sealed inside and you are now free to consume the valuable data-bits to grow out of control.

- Direct a rapidly growing swarm of sparks to sunder your foes.
- Blast your enemies with data overloads.
- Subsume data-bits to grow your capacity. Each level up is different.


Target enemies with the mouse, right-click to target/untarget.
Move with WASD, fire skills with 1, 2, 3.

Alternate Numpad controls are available in the game, along with a custom profile.


Built using Godot 3.3.2


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Great game